Our commitments

Are you seeking a trusted partner for non-destructive testing? The BABBCO team will support you through the process, help to define your needs and bring you all the benefits of our expertise.

Our commitment:

  • A high-quality, fully compliant provision of service throughout the life cycle of products/services
  • Development of innovative products and procedures with reduced environmental impact
  • Contribution to the continuous improvement of the products and services provided
  • Effective and competitive proposals

Our corporate values

  • Worldwide proximity

Our teams are locally based, connected and close to customers (same language, same culture, technical understanding of their needs, responsive, etc.).

  • Humbly enthusiastic

We are enthusiastic, proactive, yet unassumingly humble at all times. This attitude enables us to win the trust and respect of our customers and partners and drives our collective success.

  • Responsive

We are able to continuously adapt and provide a proactive response to the fluctuating constraints of our environment. Change is a “normal” situation which we must be able to anticipate and manage.

  • Customer-focused innovation

Our development is driven by innovation at all levels (products, social, financial, technical, organizational and managerial). Innovation must always stem from listening to our customers’ needs. It must provide a real benefit to everyone.