Metrology, photometry and radiometry

Metrology, photometry and radiometry

Are you looking for a supplier of metrology, photometry and radiometry services? The BABBCO team performs numerous services on the devices we market and on other brands that comply with:

  • Required specifications and standards
  • Your expectations in terms of quality and speed of completion 
  • NADCAP requirements

The BABBCO laboratory has the ability to conduct numerous tests, including:

  • Visible photometry: using light meters and luminance meters
  • UV-A radiometry: mainly with radiometers used in fluorescent NDT methods, UV-A dosimeter integrators 
  • Blue actinic radiation radiometry: for medical applications 
  • Tangential and remanent magnetic fields within the framework of alternative, continuous and intermediary magnetic particle inspection 
  • Spectrometric measurement: color temperature, color rendering index, UV-A ISO 3059 and RRES 90061 spectrometry
  • Fluorometer operational testing


Our services

  • Device calibration (NF X 07010).

This involves a basic deviation statement of uncertainty, without judgment or adjustment. It is up to the user to decide if the device is suitable for their needs and to plot the correction curve.

  • Verification (certified to NF X 07-011 or according to your request).

Verification is more comprehensive than calibration and includes:

  • a statement of deviations and uncertainties
  • possible adjustment of the device if it is offset compared to the customer tolerance or BABBCO standards 
  • an assessment of the results in relation to the expressed tolerance

  • Traceability (NF EN 100-12) according to LNE (COFRAC 2-22 accreditation) or to other national standards according to the service provided. 

We undertake:

  • to retain records of the tests and measurements carried out, and any adjustments, even where not all data collected is transmitted to the customer
  • to ascertain uncertainties related to the service (bench stability, contribution of checked devices, etc.)
  • to briefly detail on the certificate the conditions under which the service was completed, information which is essential for the customer to understand the basic parameters of the metrology information

If an adjustment has been made, the certificate issued will include two measurement surveys: one before and one after the adjustment, for complete traceability.

The certificates issued correspond to the needs of the vast majority of nuclear, aerospace, transport and medical users, etc. They are sent within the standard or three day express delivery deadline.

In order to perform these services, our laboratories are equipped with radiometry and photometry benches. A stable voltage and current power supply ensures stability of emissions, ray spectra and discrete spectra, with continuous variation.

Our tools

  • for radiometry and photometry:
    • Visible white 2800 K
    • UV-A 365 nm
    • A-blue® actinic blue
    • for magnetic particle inspection:
    • reference magnets for measuring tangential and remanent magnetic fields 
    • metalloscopes, with permanent magnets
    • various magnetic standards

BABBCO is the exclusive European distributor of Spectroline NDT equipment. We are certified as an Authorized Calibration Centre for Spectroline’s range of devices.