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Reference photos

Reference photos for NDT

BABBCO's reference photograph laboratory offers to take your reference photographs in NDT.

The photographs are taken in our laboratory or on the customer's site. The rest of the operations are carried out in our laboratory. A certificate is provided for each service.


Made according to the technical specification XP CEN/TS 17100 as well as NADCAP AC7114/1:

  • Scale 1 photographs
  • Visible under UV-A
  • Without any blue background interference
  • High resolution/high definition (HD)

BABBCO's digital imaging service offers exceptional services:

  • Special highly fluorescent photographic printing media to reproduce the real fluorescent indications as accurately as possible.
  • Tamper-proof A4 format photographs, varnished on request for optimal preservation even in workshop conditions.
  • Photographs according to a precise colorimetric profile: no blue background interference or fluorescent background as these are the conditions for perfect comparison with the original standard.


The fluorescent indications of the standard (PSM-5, NiCr or other) are reproduced fluorescent on the photograph, so the inspector does not have to leave the cabin to correctly view the photograph. His adaptation to the darkness is preserved and he works in optimal conditions.

The photographs are also presented on a non-fluorescent background to avoid disturbing the inspector.


  • Photos can be taken according to a detailed operational procedure provided by the customer with new products identical to those you use (custom-made service).
  • Dimensioning (standard or HD) can be done with your process or ours.
  • Reference photographs are taken in HD according to the XP CEN/ TS 17100 standard.
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