Dear customers, BABBCO informs you of its annual closing from August 5 to 16, 2024.

We will respond to your requests from August 19.

BABBCO services

BABBCO offers a range of highly technical services in the field of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) to meet your needs.

Our NDT support services include:

  • Physico-chemical analysis and testing of penetrant products through the periodic control of in-service penetrant baths according to the usual ISO, ASTM and NADCAP standards, but also AMS if required.
  • Metrology: checking equipment such as radiometers, luxmeters, luminancemeters, electromagnets, permanent magnets, magnetic particle inspection indicators, refractometers, etc.
  • Photos of reference panels in situ or in the laboratory (ISO 3452-3 type 1 and 2, ISO 9934-2 type 1, KDS, PSM5 and equivalent). Digital image analysis, indication sizing (‘baseline’ and degradation control).
  • Spectrometry
  • Electrical and electronic repairs of lighting and magnetic particle inspection equipment.
  • Intellectual property advice and level 3 inspection services.

Our customers can count on a BABBCO team trained in non-destructive testing with over 70 years of experience and ongoing updates.

They appreciate our wide range of products, recommendations and services. 

Our dedicated teams offer standardized or customized services, with express or conventional turnaround times. 

We focus on On-Time Deliveries (OTD) and personalized project follow-up. 

Whether it's for data storage or systematic revalidations, you'll be satisfied with the range of possibilities proposed and implemented with our best responsiveness.

All BABBCO Services for Non-Destructive Testing

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