Dear customers, BABBCO informs you of its annual closing from August 5 to 16, 2024.

We will respond to your requests from August 19.


Metrology services for non-destructive testing

The BABBCO team performs many services on the devices we sell or on other brands in order to properly meet:

  • The required specifications or standards
  • Your expectations in terms of quality and speed of execution (standard, priority, and express circuits on demand)
  • NADCAP requirements.

Our BABBCO laboratory is capable of performing many tests, such as:

  • Visible photometry: using luxmeters and luminance meters
  • UV-A radiometry: mainly on radiometers used in fluorescent NDT techniques, and UV-A dosimeter integrators.
    We offer calibration of your UV-A radiometers via our NF EN ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation :2017.
  • Blue actinic radiation radiometry: for medical applications
  • Magnetic fields, tangential and remanent in the framework of magnetic particle inspection, alternating, continuous, intermediate.
  • Spectrometric measurement: color temperature, color rendering index, UV-A spectrometry according to ISO 3059, ASTM E-3022, and RRES 90061
  • Operational control of fluorimeters.

Other services

  • Calibration of devices (FD X 07-012)
  • Verification with certificate according to NF X 07-011 or according to your request

Why choose BABBCO for metrology services?

  • Traceability (according to NF EN 10012) linked to the LNE (COFRAC 2-22 accreditation) or to other national standards depending on the service.
  • BABBCO is the exclusive distributor in Europe of Spectro-UV equipment for CND.
  • BABBCO is certified as an "Authorized Calibration Center" for the Spectro-UV device range.
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