Our Markets

As a leader in penetrant testing and magnetic particle inspection (NDT: non-destructive testing), BABBCO has built a reputation based on the quality of our customer service, recommendations, and the comprehensive range of equipment, products and services we offer.

We serve numerous industries, including:


Penetrant testing and magnetic particle inspection using fluorescent techniques are non-destructive tests. Our penetrant product ranges include classical and/or biodegradable penetrants, pre- or post-emulsion, as well as related emulsifiers, developers and cleaners. For magnetic particle inspection, Babbco offers a complete range of magnetic particle inspection detection media to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

We serve all players of the aerospace sector.


Our products meet the needs of the different energy sectors: oil & gas, nuclear and wind power

The nuclear energy sector is very specific and requires : 

  • A range stability
  • Long-standing expertise
  • All-round technical support that BABBCO is able to offer.

The confidence that the stakeholders in this sector have in us and our understanding of their needs and issues continues to drive us to provide a first-class response and optimal customer satisfaction.


From manufacturing wheels to testing axles and catenary inspection, the rail industry widely uses nondestructive evaluation (NDE) by penetrant testing and magnetic particle inspection during both manufacture and maintenance operations.

BABBCO enjoys privileged relationships with French national companies such as SNCF, as well as training colleges and institutes for rail inspectors.

Our knowledge of the strict detection standards for wheels/axles, which are comparable to those of engine manufacturers in the aerospace industry, and of the wide range of tests for rolling stock, similar to the energy sector, makes BABBCO, with our sector-specific offers, a partner of choice.


The testing of parts in the automotive industry is becoming more and more rigorous. Each defect must be identified and repaired. The BABBCO team understands manufacturers’ issues and the specificities of their production cycles.

NDT inspection techniques are widely used in the market.

In addition to our other product lines, we have developed more environmentally friendly solutions dedicated to the needs of the automotive sector.

Our magnetic particle product line also includes high quality concentrated water-based products that detect defects on critical parts.

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