UFLEX is the perfect luminaire for large-area ultraviolet lighting.

This tailor-made range adapts to the areas to be lit, whatever the surface and distance. Its lightweight, robust design is suitable for harsh environments.

It can be configured according to:

  • UV-A ambient use,
  • parts washing/rinsing control or inspection (to ISO3059),
  • the size of the illumination zone required
  • the distance separating it from the surface to be inspected.

Its low power consumption and ability to emit light make it a simple choice for inspection and cleaning with fluorescent NDT methods.

UFLEX bars are available in 4 main categories:

  • 2 illumination angles,
  • 2 LED arrangement densities.

Low-voltage 24V cable, power supply and control. Supplied with cables and optional adjustable ball-and-socket joints.

L2 versions offer mixed UV-A + WHITE hot/cold lighting, with the option of adding manual dimmers to adjust UV/white light intensity.

Thanks to BABBCO lighting calculations, the number and spacing of ceiling lights are optimized. The desired inspection area determines the size and arrangement of the UFLEX bars we select. BABBCO technical sales team will carry out the lighting and visual ergonomics study for you. Our aim is to meet your expectations as closely as possible.

UWAVE is a French company that designs and manufactures complete UVA LED lighting systems with a wide range of customization options using powerful LEDs.

The NDT field is handled in partnership with BABBCO. UWAVE makes a point of guaranteeing the quality of its luminaires, designed and manufactured in France.