1. Overview of the aerospace industry in Italy

The aerospace industry in Italy is an important economic sector, which has grown significantly in recent years with a current turnover of €12 billion (according to the International Trade Administration). 
The aerospace industry is composed of a number of companies who are specialized in specific sectors such as:  
  • Manufacturing aircraft,
  • Manufacturing engines and aeronautical parts,
  • Providers of maintenance, repair and overhaul services.
Italian aerospace companies produce a wide range of aircraft, from commercial airliners to helicopters, both civil and military. 
The main Italian aerospace companies are: 
  • Leonardo, which is one of the largest defense and security suppliers in Europe,
  • Avio Aero, which specializes in the production of engines for civil and military aviation.

One of the main opportunities for the Non-destructive testing (NDT) market in the Italian aerospace sector is the country's emphasis on research and development.

The Italian aerospace industry is very innovative and invests heavily in R&D to develop new technologies and products. This creates opportunities for BABBCO as a NDT service provider with new and innovative NDT solutions that can improve the accuracy, speed and reliability of inspections



2. Importance of NDT in the aerospace industry in Italy

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is of crucial importance in the aerospace industry in Italy. The parts used in aerospace are subjected to extreme conditions.
It is therefore essential that these parts are thoroughly inspected to ensure their reliability and safety.
Italian companies such as Ge Avio Aero use NDT to inspect wings, turbines, propulsion systems, navigation systems and many others.
Various NDT techniques are used to inspect these parts for defects such as cracks, deformations, porosities and heat affected areas.
NDT allows these companies to reduce costs by identifying problems before they become critical.


Types of NDT services available to the aerospace industry in Italy


BABBCO offers a range of highly technical services in the field of Non Destructive Testing that are perfectly adapted to the needs of Italian Aerospace companies:

  • Metrology: verification of radiometers, luxmeters, luminancemeters, metalloscopes and permanent magnets, magnetoscopy indicators, refractometers…
  • In situ or laboratory reference photos of reference parts (PSM5 and equivalent, ISO 3452-3 type 1 and 2, ISO 9934-2 type 1, KDS), digital work and image analysis, as well as dimensioning of indications ('baseline' and degradation control).
  • Physico-chemical analysis and testing: Water content, Fluorescence control, Density, Washability (pre-emulsified penetrant and emulsifier), Sensitivity…
  • Electrical and electronic repairs for lighting and magnetic particle equipment.
  • Intellectual services and consulting with our level 3


Benefits of using NDT services in the aerospace industry

1. Early detection of defects


NDT enables early detection of defects because it allows inspection of materials and structures.

NDT methods can detect defects as soon as they appear, before they become critical and cause potentially dangerous failures.

By detecting defects early, Italian companies such as Leonardo can take preventive measures to correct defects before they cause accidents. Early detection of defects is therefore essential to ensure the safety of aircraft and their passengers.

2. Reducing maintenance costs


By identifying defects early, NDT services can help reduce overall costs, thereby avoiding the costs associated with repairing or replacing parts.

In addition, NDT services can also help to plan maintenance programmes more efficiently by identifying parts that require maintenance. This can help avoid unnecessary repairs and extend the life of parts.

Ultimately, NDT services can help airlines reduce maintenance costs by identifying defects early, planning maintenance programmes more efficiently and extending the life of parts.

3. Improving safety and reliability


NDT is essential to ensure the safety and reliability of critical components in the aerospace industry in Italy. It allows defects and anomalies to be detected before they cause failures or accidents, and ensures that safety standards are met.

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