1. Overview of the market automotive NDT consumables in Italy.


Non-destructive testing (NDT) is an inspection technique used in the automotive industry to detect defects or anomalies in parts such as brakes, suspensions or gearboxes without damaging them. This method is used to ensure the quality and safety of automotive components.


In Italy, NDT is widely used in the automotive industry (worth over 93 billion euros with major players such as the STELLANTIS group), especially in the manufacture of critical parts.


The high safety and quality standards of the Italian automotive industry make NDT crucial to ensure the reliability, durability, quality and safety of these vehicles.


Non-destructive testing allows Italian brands such as FIAT, ALFA ROMEO, LANCIA or the prestigious FERRARI or LAMBORGHINI to reduce production costs by identifying defects earlier in the manufacturing process, which can help avoid the high costs associated with recalls or subsequent repairs.


The use of NDT consumables for these Italian brands is also important to comply with EU safety regulations, which require high quality standards for vehicles on the road.

The Italian automotive industry is world famous, and the use of NDT is therefore essential to maintain its reputation.

2. Mention of the crucial role of NDT suppliers with a level 3 in the supply of quality consumables to the automotive industry in Italy.


Suppliers with the experience of level 3 among its team are key players in the supply chain of the automotive industry in Italy.


In the context of non-destructive testing (NDT), these suppliers play a crucial role in providing quality consumables for inspections.


For an industry with so many critical points and reliability needs, it is essential to use the best suppliers for NDT.

Why purchase from a NDT supplier recognized by NDT Level 3?

1. Explanation of the benefits of purchasing from a well-known NDT supplier 


Buying from a NDT supplier with level 3, such as BABBCO, offers the Italian automotive sector several advantages.

Firstly, such suppliers are specialized in the production of high-quality NDT consumables, such as Penetrant Testing (PT) or Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT).

By purchasing directly from these suppliers, companies can be assured that the products they buy are of the highest quality and meet the high safety and quality standards of the automotive industry.

In addition, these competent suppliers with the experience of a level 3 can offer competitive prices for NDT consumables because of their specialization in the production of these products.

They can also offer fast delivery times and high stock availability to meet the very important needs of the major Italian brands.

Finally, purchasing from such a supplier also allows for a high level of technical support on the use of consumables from its experts.


2. Essential standards to guarantee the Italian automotive sector a high level of quality in NDT products. 

Suppliers of non-destructive testing (NDT) with a level 3 must offer products that meet certain standards to guarantee the quality of their NDT consumables and services.


Here are some of the standards guaranteed by BABBCO products:


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Automotive NDT consumables in Italy

Italian automotive companies face important needs in NDT consumables to guarantee the reliability of their industry.


Here are a few examples of PT products we propose at BABBCO: