In recent years, the aerospace industry in Italy has continued to grow and develop to become a major pole of the national economy and industry, but also on a European level, especially in the defense sector with important players such as Leonardo S.p.A.

Quality criteria for NDT consumables

1. Selection criteria for NDT consumables


Italian aerospace companies and the Italian Aerospace Research Centre (CIRA) have to take into account certain selection criteria for NDT consumables that depend on the type of NDT technique used and the materials and components inspected.

However, there are 6 basic criteria that are generally taken into account when selecting NDT consumables, including:


  • Sensitivity: the ability of the consumable to detect defects and anomalies in the material or component being inspected.
  • Compatibility: the consumable must be compatible with the NDT technique used, the materials and the environmental conditions of the inspection.
  • Durability: The consumable should have a sufficient lifetime for the inspection in question and should not degrade or deteriorate during the inspection.
  • Toxicity: The consumable should not be toxic or hazardous to people or the environment.
  • Ease of use: The consumable should be easy to apply and remove.
  • Cost: the consumable should be affordable and economical for the inspection in question.

It is essential, in order to preserve the reputation and quality of its industry, that Italian aerospace companies and national institutions ensure that these criteria are met when purchasing NDT consumables from qualified suppliers who offer them.


2. International standards for aerospace NDT consumables


In Italy, the international standards applicable to aerospace NDT consumables are the same as those used in other countries.


The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) are the main organizations that set international standards for NDT consumables.


The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standards are also applicable in Italy to ensure that aerospace components comply with safety standards.


In addition, the European Space Agency (ESA) also uses specific standards for aerospace NDT consumables, such as ESA PSS-01-702 "Non-destructive testing of metallic materials for space applications".


In summary, the international standards for aerospace NDT consumables in Italy are the same as those used in any European country. These standards are regularly updated to ensure the quality, reliability and safety of aerospace components undergoing non-destructive testing


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The benefits of using high quality NDT consumables

1. Benefits related to the quality of NDT test results


There are many benefits to using high quality NDT consumables, including:


  • Increased accuracy: Manufactured to strict standards to ensure more accurate and reliable results, as well as a finer defect detection.
  • Durability: Stronger and more durable, making them more suitable for intensive and prolonged use.
  • Consistency: Manufactured to strict standards to ensure uniformity and consistency. This allows for more consistent test results, which is important to ensure the quality and reliability of the end products.
  • Improved efficiency: Designed to be more effective in detecting certain defects, reducing the time taken to perform tests.
  • Compliance with standards: Manufactured to strict regulatory standards to ensure compliance with quality and safety standards.

2. Long-term cost and time savings:


High quality NDT products are often more accurate and reliable, reducing the time and costs associated with rework or repair of defective products.


High quality NDT products can also reduce the time required to design and manufacture parts, as they offer higher levels of accuracy and faster turnaround times.


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How to choose the best suppliers of aerospace NDT consumables in Italy

In order to guarantee a high level of safety in the aerospace industry in Italy, it is essential to choose a supplier with a high level of expertise in non-destructive testing.


Italian players in this sector can rely on several criteria to define their supplier:


  • Check the reputation: Especially with the company's customers, if some of the biggest players in the sector are customers, this is a good sign! Companies such as Safran, Dassault, AIR FRANCE, AIRBUS Defense and Space, or AIRBUS Helicopters trust BABBCO!
  • Evaluate the quality of the products: Check that the supplier offers qualified and standard-compliant products. Good news! All BABBCO products are qualified by major manufacturers, meet all NDT standards (EN, ISO, AMS, ASTM, ASME, etc.)
  • Check product availability: Make sure the supplier has sufficient inventory to meet your needs in a timely manner. In addition, check delivery times, payment terms and transport options to ensure that products can be delivered on time.